Read: The Best Concept To Have The Players/Owners Meeting

2:48PM: Bob McKenzie tweets

  • 2 players, 2 agents, 2 owners, 2 GMs in room to settle remaining issues. 1 lawyer/side to document agreement that would be done in day or 2.
  • We’d either have deal in place and be playing games before Christmas or we’d know that everyone gave it their best shot and season is done.
  • I’m not naïve, certainly not an idealist, I get CBAs are complex but my fanciful notion can’t be more absurd than the dance we’re witnessing


Adam Rotter: I think this would be the best idea. The GM’s and the agents are the creative ones who make deals work and they should finally get a seat at the table, besides Brian Burke, to try and end the lockout. The players need to hear from someone who instead of just yelling at them or saying “we need this and that is the way it is” can talk to them and not down to them, someone who they can trust and someone they can work with. The only way this ends, and doesn’t happen again in five or seven years, is a trust and partnership developing where the two sides were together and not against each other.