Read: Still A Long While To Go Before The Drop Dead Date

Eric Duhatschek writes in the Globe and Mail that the drop dead date is still two or more months away.

He says, “With lawyers and accountants in charge, the real urgency doesn’t start until the clock is five minutes from midnight and the end is in sight. So hang on to your hats, because realistically, they are just at the half way point now – two months into the lockout, with another two months remaining to save a fraction of the 2012-13 season – and maybe the industry’s future as well.”

On CNBC, Wayne Gretzky wouldn’t say the situation the league is in right now is embarrassing, but instead called it disappointing.

Gretzky said that he can see where both sides are coming from and said that Bettman is a hard working man who thinks that what he is presenting is the right idea.

‘I’ve said all along that I felt we would be playing hockey in January and I still believe that and hopefully that does happen.

Nick Cotsonika wrote at Yahoo, “I think the NHL wants to make a deal. I think the NHLPA wants to make a deal. I still think the odds are that they will make a deal and we will have some kind of season. I think that there is still plenty of time, and that’s why we’re still seeing so much posturing and brinksmanship”