Read: Steps To End The Lockout CBC, Dan Oldfield lists 7 steps that the NHL and NHLPA should take to end the lockout.

He says that this season, as short as it may be, should be an extension of the old agreement, “Treat 2012-13 as an extension of the old contract, with the same split of revenue as last season but reduced to reflect the shortened schedule. In this way, at least one year of existing contracts will have been exhausted.”

He says that the deal should be for six years and that the free agent rules stay the same for the first three years but change to the league proposed changed in the final three years.

Oldfield writes that there should be no limit on contract length but cap hit is defined by a rolling five year period.

Pierre LeBrun, at ESPN, agrees with Cotsonika and says that once both sides move a little on make whole and player contract rights the deal will be done.