Read: Some Details Of The Players Proposal

1:39PM: The full details can be found at TSN

1:35PM: McKenzie says that the NHLPA proposes that the salary cap not fall below $67.25 million in any year of the agreement.

The memo that Don Fehr sent to the players says that the NHLPA has moved towards the owners in regards to the topics of contracts in the minors, the four recall rule and long-term back diving contracts.

1:29PM: McKenzie also notes that the PA proposal gets rid of re-entry waivers and the rule that forbid teams from calling up more than four players after the trade deadline.

1:23PM: Bob McKenzie and Larry Brooks write that the breakdown of the make whole from the PA proposal is:

  • $182 million
  • $128 million
  • $72 million
  • $11 million

Brooks notes that salaries in the AHL that are worth more than $1 million will count against the cap.

1:11PM: Bob McKenzie say that for the first time the NHL and NHLPA are in the same universe

1:09PM: The NHLPA has returned to the NHL offices and they are joined by Marc Staal

1:04PM According to Aaron Ward, the NHLPA has moved to 50/50 immediately with no guarantee but they took the the make whole number from $211 million to $393 million.

Ward says that it works out to an additional $1.2 million per team, per year over five years

Bob McKenzie tweets:

  • “Only system issue addressed is back-diving contracts (cap hit penalties for retired players) but not 5 per cent variance rule or term limits”
  • “5 per cent variance rule and combined anti-second contract measures (2 yr ELS, 1 yr delay on arb) are key, but are they hills worth dying on”

Nick Cotsonika tweets “PA doesn’t like five-percent variance because it limits teams’ flexibility — and thus limits the market for players.”

Renaud Lavoie tweets “I’ve been told that this is the last NHLPA offer. If the NHL wants to work with/around it good. If not, its the end of giving back.”