Read: Remembering That The NHL and NHLPA are Supposed To Be Partners

NHL-NHLPAAt Sportsnet, John Shannon writes that it is long overdue for the NHL and NHLPA to resolve their differences and put their energy into a partnership that would actually grow the game and create more revenue.

The business side of the NHL, he writes, is truly suffering from all of the fighting that has taken place.

Shannon writes, “The players have to stop calling out the commissioner. The owners have to stop throwing anonymous barbs the way of the union. Plain and simple, it is not in the best interest of the business of the NHL. ”

This is not the first time that talk of needing a partnership between the league and players has been brought up.

Shannon said on Sportsnet, Sunday morning, that the two sides will need to be partners and how the two sides will make decisions together on re-alignment, health and safety and international play.

The CBA deal that was agreed to this morning is for 10 years with an opt-out after eight.