Read: People Who Could Save The CBA Talks

At ESPN Insider, Craig Custance looks at some new faces that should enter CBA talks if things go bad.

On the NHL side, he thinks that Devils GM Lou Lamoriello, Detroit GM Ken Holland or the Penguins Mario Lemieux or GM Ray Shero should enter the talks. Lamoriello was involved in 2004-05 and Custance says that people have a hard time saying no to him.

On Holland, he writes “The Red Wings GM is a master communicator and could be just the guy to explain things in terms that might convince the players to give just a little more.”

For the NHLPA side, he thinks that involving agents like Pat Brisson (Sidney Crosby) or Don Meehan, (Brad Richards, Henrik Lundqvist, Steven Stamkos) legendary agent Don Baizley who “has a history of getting results” and Bobby Orr.

Adam Rotter: If things go badly today, then the two sides will need to bring in some new blood if they want to get a deal done if they actually want to have a season. If not then they can just stay with the same group, meet every couple of weeks and yell at each other. It would be smart to let some former players who are now in management get involved as they can look at both sides and try and bridge the gap.