Read: Meeting Between NHL and NHLPA is Over

6:03PM: Bill Daly just left the hotel according to Ryan Rishaug. On TSN Pierre LeBrun reportedly said that there is “zero optimism” on the NHL side.

Nick Cotsonika says that Daly and Batterman have left the hotel and he doesn’t know if he will return tonight.

Daly is heading back to the NHL offices which is about a ten minute walk from the hotel.

Read: No Owners Are In Today’s Negotiating Session With The NHLPA/Is Fehr To Blame?

5:36PM: Don and Steve Fehr, along with a group of players, are in the meeting with the NHL according to Chris Johnston.

5:26PM: Katie Strang says that the NHLPA still plans to make a proposal of some kind even though Gary Bettman isn’t in the room. Only Bill Daly and lawyer Bob Batterman are in the meeting on the NHL side.

5:23PM: John Shannon says that Gary Bettman is NOT in the room for the NHL right now as they talk with the NHLPA.


5:05PM: Chris Johnston says that the meeting has started.

5:02PM: Former Ranger Matthew Barnaby sent out a tweet a few minutes ago saying that the only person who could up the situation the two sides are in is Donald Fehr and “we are headed down that road.”

Nick Cotsonika tweets “Owners are furious with Fehr, yes. I think they also sense a number of players want to vote on what is on table.”

4:52PM: In response to what McKenzie just said, Bruce Garrioch tweeted “That is not a good sign. Union had owners’ attention. This is going nowhere fast.”

4:49PM: According to Bob McKenzie, there will be no owners present when the NHL and NHLPA meet today as the owner/player meetings ended when the union requested that Donald Fehr be allowed back in.

He notes that some of the owners have gone home, Darren Dreger said that Larry Tanenbaum and Mark Chipman left, but some are sticking around.

John Shannon writes, “When Wed. ended the NHL made it known they were looking for answers. But you have to meet to get answers.”

Shannon says that the NHL doesn’t think mediation is necessary now because “There is nothing more to mediate.”