Read: “Neither Side Has The Guts To Blow This”/Sunday Could Be The Day

1:04PM: Cotsonika sent out a tweet saying “Opinions all over the place on both sides. Mine remains same: Not close enough for deal yet, but too close to lose season.”

12:55PM: The guys at Hockey Central, Nick Kypreos, Doug MacLean and Darren Millard all say emphatically that there is nothing being discussed between the two sides that should cancel the season.


12:32PM: Everyone on Hockey Central agrees that $300 million for make whole isn’t a deal breaker but the 10 year CBA could be.

Kypreos says that what is stopping this deal from getting done is five-year contracts and the five year variances.

12:30PM: MacLean and Kypreos argue over how the bottom six players are going to get shortchanged in the new CBA. MacLean says that it is a myth that bottom six players will not be taken care of in the new CBA.

12:27PM: MacLean says that there is no “showstopper” issue stopping the deal from getting done and nothing that will really impact either side  down the line. Nick Kypreos says that if the players give in now the owners will just ask for more later, even if it’s in 10 years.

12:24PM: Larry Brooks reports that the pension issue has become a big obstacle in the CBA talks.

12:22PM: Aaron Ward tweets “At this stage, doesn’t appear the Union will take this present NHL offer to a full vote.PA still actively engaged in internal meetings”

12:20PM: Sarah Kwak of SI says that a drop dead date was not discussed yesterday.

12:18PM:On Hockey Central on Sportsnet, Doug MacLean says that “neither side has the guts to blow this” deal up and not strike a deal.

John Shannon says on the show that he would have suggested the same thing in 2004 while MacLean countered by saying that times are different now and there is too much to lose.

When asked his feelings, Shannon said that he thinks that by Sunday there should be clarity on whether there will be hockey this year.