Read: Looking At The Owners Involved Tomorrow


8:34AM: It was announced yesterday that the owners from Boston (Jeremy Jacobs), Calgary (Murray Edwards), Toronto (Larry Tanenbaum), Winnipeg (Mark Chipman), Tampa Bay (Jeff Vinik) and Pittsburgh (Ron Burkle) will meet with players tomorrow in NY.

The only owners who have previously been in negotiations have been from Boston and Calgary.

In the Tampa Bay Times, Marty St. Louis said that he has a hard time believing that Vinik doesn’t want to play. He says, “I’m sure there are a lot of owners who want to play. I feel bad for Mr. Vinik. He’s done a great job in this community, and right now it’s all going backwards.”

Vinny Lecavalier said, “I’m happy he’s going. He’s a guy who will listen, talk, have a conversation and see where things go”

Walsh tweeted, “Anyone else convinced Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs is in the meeting to keep the other 5 owners in line”

Adam Rotter: I am not surprised that Dolan wasn’t picked or by any of the owners who are going.  Tanenbaum owns a team that could lose up to $100 million by not playing and Chipman owns a team, that is there because of Gary Bettman, looking to build off of its first season in a hockey mad city.

The idea is to bring in owners who the players can trust and who have good relationships with players. I was hoping that either Mike Illitch or Ken Holland, from Detroit, or Lou Lamoriello (Devils) were involved since nearly everyone who talks about them only has good things to say. Burkle saved a team in Pittsburgh and his c0-owner (Mr. Lemieux was Sidney Crosby’s landlord, so there should be some good will there. Vinik seems to have a good relationship with his players and those relationships are the most important part of getting a deal done.

Jacobs is the issue and if he is willing to listen and have a conversation instead of just saying “NO” maybe something positive could happen.