Read: It’s Going To Be Hard To Support The NHL

NHL PuckIn the Toronto Star, Damien Cox writes that when the lockout officially ends and the season starts, many fans are going to feel “dirty” and “ashamed” about buying tickets and supporting a league that has prevented, at least for half a season, hockey from being played.

He writes “how else could they possibly feel? The league and the players have this week taken their obvious lack of respect to the people who fund their enterprise to new heights.”

David Shoalts writes in the Globe and Mail that it is time for the fans to treat the NHL like any other business, “Try and think of another business with customers that pay it that kind of money that treats them this way. Try and think of another industry whose first response to the expiration of a labour agreement is to shut down.”

Eric Duhatschek writes more on this at the Globe and Mail.

On the fans, Brad Richards said at Rangers Report, “It’s their right to feel how they feel and I don’t blame them. Unless you’re in the meetings and living it, it’s really hard to understand. I don’t blame them if they don’t come back. I hope everybody gives us a chance ot watch what I think is a great sport and to get out there and play our hearts out like we want to do. That’s what the game of hockey’s about, not what’s happened here the last four months.”