Read: Is The NHLPA Embarassing Players Who Ask Questions?

At ESPN Boston, Jimmy Murphy writes that according to the players that he is speaking with, the NHLPA isn’t being as transparent as they claim to be.

He says that when he speaks with players they ask him what is going on rather than the other way around.

Murphy also tells this story from a player, “In the last conference call, a player asked Don why he was learning details of the NHL’s last proposal through the media and not via Don or the players in attendance. Don and some other players called that player out and basically embarrassed him for asking that.”

Murphy says that the player who asked the question should be celebrated and added “It’s time for the NHLPA to act like a real union and be open to other opinions, not just the stubborn ones currently guiding the talks. ”

This is not the first time that this kind of subject has been brought up about the PA.