Read: How Sidney Crosby and Mark Recchi Look At The Lockout

Mark Recchi went though two lockouts as a player in the NHL and spoke with Kevin Paul Dupont, in the Boston Globe, about the lockout that is currently going on.

Rechhi says that the deal for the players is only going to get worse and while he doesn’t suggest that the players accept a bad deal they should get one deal as soon as they can.

He says, “obviously, it has to be fitted. But OK, get it right, then sign the thing for 10 years, get back to playing, and don’t worry about it anymore. You don’t want to go through this again in five or six years.’’

Sidney Crosby said at TSN that if something doesn’t happen soon everyone involved will end up with one in the loss column,”The desperation to play doesn’t really seem like it’s on their side. I think there’s a deal to be made and I think negotiations have to go better if there’s going to be a deal. If it keeps going like this, I mean, everybody’s going to lose. There’s no way around it, everybody’s going to lose.”