Read: How Gary Bettman Would Be Treated If He Was A Player/He Is The Igor Ulanov of Commissioners

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that Gary Bettman is the kind of person who would go for the home run pass from the defensive zone rather than the easy, safer, pass that would lead to a breakout.

Brooks says that not only would Bettman the player get benched and then scratched by John Tortorella, Glen Sather would place him on waivers in order to buy out his contract and get him out of the organization.

He says “For Bettman is not an individual with whom a team can achieve success. He is not an individual who can be relied upon to see the entire rink, to process the big picture, to recognize that the business of hockey is not personal.”

Brooks compares Bettman to former Rangers defenseman Igor Ulanov.