Read: Holding Jeremy Jacobs Responsible For The Lockout

At CSNNE, Joe Haggerty writes that while all the venom is directed at Gary Bettman, it is really Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs who is prolonging the lockout.

Haggerty writes about an incident that occurred when a Winnipeg Jets alternate governor said he was opposed to a long lockout that would hurt the momentum of the game. Jacobs reportedly responded by saying that he would let the Jets representative know when he was allowed to speak.

4:35PM: Ted Wyman of the Winnipeg Sun tweets “Am now told by two sources the incident between Jeremy Jacobs and Jets never happened”

5:05PM: Gary Lawless tweets “Bill Daly and a team source tell me Jacobs-Jets rep incident never happened”

5:11PM: Chris Botta tweets ” Fact: senior execs from “lesser” clubs being talked down to at NHL meetings is not uncommon.”

“That’s the kind of hawkish, dismissive, bully mentality that’s driving the bus for the NHL lockout that’s now cancelled games through the middle of December.”

Haggerty adds that Jacobs appears to be seeking revenge for not getting to take advantage of some of the perks that came with the 2004-05 lockout including the 24% rollback, because he let all of his high priced players go since he imagined there would be a big group of free agents, and his team bottoming out.

He writes “Jacobs turned out to be a giant loser coming out of the last lockout, and now his Buffalo-sized ego is looking for a dramatic, one-sided win against the players coming out of this season’s work stoppage. That one-way, ends-justify-the-means mentality is exactly what’s driving the NHL owners this time around.”

According to Forbes, the Bruins are the fifth most valuable team and made $14.2 million last season in profit.

Flyers owner Ed Snider reportedly has a problem with Jacobs, though it has been denied.

Jacobs was also a big reason why talks fell apart in New York a few weeks ago.