Read: Henrik Lundqvist’s Mind Has Been Blown and Ryan Callahan, Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik Are Pissed

Yesterday Larry Brooks tweeted out a quote from Henrik Lundqvist who was not happy that not only the players and owners aren’t meeting, but that there is a two week break right now.

Lundqvist said, “I’m extremely disappointed and frustrated we’re not playing right now and the fact we are not meeting every day to try and solve this makes me even more upset. I dont understand the meaning of a break right now. Blows my mind.”

Marian Gaborik told the NY Post, “I don’t think that gets us anywhere. We have to get back to the table and get a deal done.”

Captain Ryan Callahan said, “Two weeks is a waste of time. It’s something we shouldn’t be doing. We want to negotiate. Why take a two-week break. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Brad Richards told Katie Strang at ESPN NY, “They just keep wanting more and I don’t know where it stops.”