Read: Gary Bettman says “Whatever It Takes” (Updates: NHL Willing To Honor Contracts)

Pierre LeBrun tweeted that no real progress was made today.

Johnston tweets Gary Bettman saying that he would skip the HHOF ceremonies next week if the PA wanted to meet.

Bettman also said that he is waiting for the PA to say when they want to meet next

John Shannon tweets that the two sides will not meet tonight.

6:54PM: Michael Russo writes in the Star Tribune that the NHL is angry with Donald Fehr for not spelling out exactly what they are offering.

Russo writes that the NHL has agreed to honor all of the existing contracts.

In exchange for going to 50/50 immediately, players would have the reduced part of their salaries (12.3 percent) deferred one or two years, “and the owners will pay them back, plus interest, and it would not go against their share and the league is guaranteeing it no matter where the revenue of the league goes,” said one of the sources.

In Year 1, players’ salaries would be reduced about $150 million. The players who have their salaries reduced would get every cent back in a lump payment in Year 2, the source says, plus interest. In Year 2, the players’ salaries would be reduced $61 million. Those players would get that money back plus interest in a lump payment in Year 3, the source says.