Read: Gary Bettman Appreciates The NHLPA Moving Towards The NHL

4PM: Botta adds “Bettman would not give a deadline for a deal to be done to save this season.”

Dreger says that the two sides are expected to talk again on Friday

3:55PM: According to Chris Botta and Darren Dreger, Gary Bettman said that he appreciates the players moving towards the NHL but still said that they two sides are far apart.

Botta quotes him as saying “We’re still far apart. But hopefully there’s some momentum so we can bring this to a conclusion.”

Pat Leonard tweets Bettman saying that he is hopeful that this will lead to more progress.

LeBrun adds “Make Whole $$$ asked for by players will need to go down as well…. But today was not a waste no matter what anybody says”