Read: FULL Details of the NHLPA Proposal

TSN has obtained the six page proposal that the NHLPA sent to the owners.

The proposal is broken down into seven topics:

  • Revenue Sharing
  • Defined Benefit of Pension Plan
  • Discipline
  • Player contracting and system issues
  • Players Share
  • Terms of CBA
  • Transition Rules to be negotiated

CLICK HERE to read the entire proposal.

Revenue Sharing:

  • Pool of $2oo million when HRR is $3.3 billion and the number would vary year to year based on HRR
  • The formula for contributing will be determined by the NHL’s formula

Player Contracts:

  • Minimum player salary increases $25k every two years. It is $525,000 right now
  • Teams must reach the salary floor without using player bonus money
  • “A team may have an unlimited number of Retained Salary Transactions up to 15% of the Upper Limit in any League year”
  • Contracts of players in the minor leagues or in Europe worth more than $1 million count against the cap. This applies ONLY to contracts signed after the CBA is ratified.
  • Teams can’t use buyouts on players making less than $3 million

Players Share:

  • No fixed numbers but starting with the second year of the deal, the players share can’t be lower than it was the year before

The CBA expires on 9/15/2017

Topics still to be discussed are amnesty buyouts, movement of deadlines and “any other relevant matters”