Read: Donald Fehr Isn’t The Decider

In an interesting article from Thomas Boswell in the Washington Post, he writes about Donald Fehr who he covered for many years when he was the head of the MLB Players Union.

He notes that Fehr, as he has said before, works for the players and lets them decide when it’s time to make a deal, “his membership isn’t just backing him; it really is their deal. It took baseball owners 20 years to grasp that Fehr isn’t a puppeteer. He educates, he shapes, but he doesn’t decide. The players do. That’s what empowered the MLBPA and made it so tough. Fehr will reduce demands rather than negotiate without full support. That’s core. It’s not changing.

Boswell writes that if Fehr has wrangled up the same kind of support with the NHLPA that he did with the MLBPA, “rejecting Wednesday’s union proposal as a framework for a final compromise is a huge risk for hockey.”