Read: Donald Fehr Explains Why The Players Are Against Five Year Limits

In the Toronto Sun, Terry Koshan obtained parts of the memo that Donald Fehr sent out to the players explaining the the offer that the NHL rejected last night.

In the memo he described why five-year term limits don’t work for the players, “We believe that these restrictions would devastate the “middle class” of players and result in the NBA model, where a few players earn huge salaries while pushing everyone else down toward the minimum.”

He said that in order to make a deal the players went form a ten-year max down to an eight-year max and instead of a 5% variance from year to year, a 25% variance applied to contracts that are seven years or longer.

Bill Daly said during the NHL press conference last night that five-year term limits are the “hill we will die on.”

Gary Bettman said during his press conference last night that in 2004 there was only 1 player signed to a deal that was six years or more and now there are 90.