Read: Donald Fehr Explains The NHLPA Counter Proposal (NHL REJECTS IT)

NHL_NHLPA_Fehr_Bettman7:24PM: Bob McKenzie said on TSN “I think it’s catastrophic. Most of what the NHL said was on the table is now off the table.”

Aaron Ward says that the next step should be decertification and they need to do so quickly. McKenzie says that he thinks in the near future they will look to decertify or disclaim interest.

7:17PM: Fehr says “we were advised in a voice mail message (Bill Daly to Steve Fehr) that the moves that the players made were not acceptable. There was no reason to expect meetings tonight or tomorrow. Something is off the table and we are not clear what.”

“It looks like this is not going to be resolved in the near future. I hope I am wrong but that appears to be the message. We are close, if not on top of each other, on most of the major issues. We will advise the membership on what the situation is.”

“It comes as a disappointment. The next move is to talk to the members and educate them on what is going on.”

7:08PM: Renaud Lavoie says to “expect bad news soon”

Ian Mendes tweets “Remember: 2 weeks ago, NHLPA indicated they were close with proposal. Turned out to be wishful thinking. We need to hear from NHL now.”

7:07PM: Nick Kypreos says that as of 24 hours ago Gary Bettman was against amnesty clauses

6:58PM: In a press conference in New York, Donald Fehr outlined some of the key points in the offer that the players just proposed to the owners.

  • 8 year CBA proposal with an opt-out after six
  • 8 year contract length
  • Make Whole and Pension money has been agreed upon and the pension money will come out of the players share.
  • Transition issues have not been agreed on

Fehr said, “The players responded comprehensively to the various issues that have been brought up at the meetings over last few days.”

As Chris Botta notes, “Soon after requesting federal mediation, Don Fehr paints rosy picture. Hmmm. Spinning his proposal? Let’s wait for NHL response.”