Read: Donald Fehr and the Owners Do Not Like Each Other

At USA Today, Kevin Allen writes that the NHL needs to stop fighting with Donald Fehr and trying to turn the NHLPA against him and instead just talk with him and try to strike a deal.

Allen writes, “Regardless of whether you like Fehr, talking to him in this situation is a more effective strategy than talking about him.”

Michael Russo writes that Fehr needs to stop using the previous CBA where the players had 57% because that CBA has expired, “and CBA’s exist so businesses can reset the way they do business.”

Bob McKenzie writes at TSN, “There is no question the NHL has grown increasingly exasperated by Fehr, who takes passive aggressive to an art form. There is a notion within league headquarters that he has no interest in making a deal, that he’s looking for this dispute to go nuclear so he can either challenge the NHL’s entire salary cap system in a protracted battle that would likely carry over to next season or fight the owners for as long as it takes to, as Fehr is wont to say, break the cycle of owners putting a gun to players’ heads in chronic takeaway negotiations.”

Fehr has said that he doesn’t see the path to an agreement.

The NHL went after Fehr last week and accused him of not being forthcoming in his dealings with the players.