Read: Could The Make Whole Disappear?

In the Ottawa Sun, Bruce Garrioch writes that the NHL may soon drop the Make Whole part of it’s proposal since they viewed it as a “gift” to the players and as Garrioch notes, the NHL doesn’t seem to be in the mood for giving.

Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that the difference between the two make whole proposals, $182 million, breaks down to about $1.2 million or so per team over the course of the deal.

Brooks writes, “A million a team and it’s non-negotiable on the league side, yet the Canceler-in-Chief’s message is that it’s the union that is unwilling to negotiate.”

James Mirtle says that the idea of the league dropping the make whole “is counterproductive and the opposite of negotiating. It’s already on the table.”

Bob McKenzie writes at TSN that the make whole was introduced as a way to soften the blow for the players in going from 57% to 50% but that it was proposed for an 82 game season. He says, “Make Whole has an expiry date. We’re not sure exactly when that is, but it’s coming.”