Read: Bridging The Make Whole Gap

Yesterday Donald Fehr announced that there was no longer a discrepancy of upwards of $1 billion or so between the NHL and NHLPA on the topic of make whole and that the number was now $182 million.

The NHL proposal calls for $211 million to be paid in make whole payments while the NHLPA’s proposal saw the league paying $393 million in a four-year installment plan that broke down as:

  • $182 million in year one
  • $128 million in year two
  • $72 million in year three
  • $11 million in year four

Bob McKenzie tweeted last night that the key, to him, is finding a way to bridge that gap. He notes that it may be hard to do as the owners may not go above $211 million and they could decrease that offer moving forward. “As days pass and games get cancelled, Make Whole dollars can’t stay constant. Shorter the season, the more MW$ will skew player share.”

Pierre LeBrun says “Make Whole $$$ asked for by players will need to go down”

The $182 million difference breaks down as $6 million per team over the course of the CBA.