Read: Brad Richards Was Upset With How Yesterday Went

via Elliotte Friedman, Jarret Stoll of the LA Kings spoke with Mayors Manor about the NHL lockout and how the players are feeling after the week of negotiating.

Stoll said he was on the conference call last night and came away from it “depressed.” He also spoke with his teammate Kevin Westgarth who is in NY for the meetings and told Stoll that not much was accomplished.

Stoll also said that Brad Richards spoke on the conference call after attending the afternoon meetings and that while he liked the experience of being in the meeting but that it was a disappointing one.

He also said, “We’re close in some areas. We’re almost there in some areas. But then there’s a lot of other areas where there’s no negotiating, there’s no chance to move on anything. That’s not what negotiating is, I don’t think. It’s give and take. We understand we have to give and we’re going to give a lot. There’s no question. But, in my mind, it doesn’t seem like we need to get taken advantage of either.  In a way, that’s just not right.”