Read: Bill Daly Says That The Two Sides Still Remain Far Apart/Number Of Issues Still To Discuss

NHL-NHLPAIn an interview with Bruce Garrioch in the Ottawa Sun, NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said that after meeting with mediators last week it was clarified to him how far apart the owners and the players really are.

He says that there are a number of issues where the two sides are still far apart and very likely more than just the main three that have been talked about so much.

Daly says that the salary cap number is the latest big issue to develop as the players don’t want the cap to go below $67.25 million and the owners are proposing $60 million. Daly says “That’s a very artificially high cap based on 50-50 and where revenues are going to be. It would create a high floor along with a very high escrow withhold because clubs would spend to the artificially high cap and the artificially high floor. That’s a huge issue.”

He adds that the owners felt like with some of the concessions that they made they had “bought” the idea of 5 and 7 year contracts.