Read: A GM and an Agent Should Be Involved Today (Update)

Adam Rotter:If there is some progress that comes from today’s meeting, the next one should involve a Ken Holland or Lou Lamoriello on the owner side and a Pat Brisson or Don Meehan on the player side. They are the guys who came up with the front-loading contracts and surely they can get creative with other contracting rights.

11:50AM: Elliotte Friedman writes at CBC that if the people in the room today can’t get it going, it’s time to bring in the General Managers and agents “If not, it’s time for the Steve Yzermans, the Joe Nieuwendyks, the Doug Wilsons, the Jim Rutherfords, the Ken Hollands, the Dean Lombardis, the Don Baizleys, the Don Meehans, the Pat Brissons, the Mike Liuts (you see where I’m going here) to take over. Those are the people who really deal with the CBA on a day-in and day-out basis. Bettman doesn’t trust the GMs or the agents, but they do have one important skill — they’re dealmakers.”