Read: A Deal That Both Sides Could Deal With

NHL-NHLPAAt, Scott Burnside spoke with a NHL Governor who provided him with a plan of how to find a compromise between the owners and the players.

The Governor told Burnside that as long as the issues that were agreed upon last week are still on the table, $300 million make whole and contracting and free agency rights, a deal could be easily made.

He suggests a nine year CBA with an opt out after 7 years for either side, 6 year contract limit with protection from back diving contracts and 8 year limits for players who have been with a team for more than five years. In terms of transition rules, Burnside writes that the plan includes a buyout option as long as the buyouts are within the salary cap.

Burnside spoke with some players who said that this was the kind of deal where the NHLPA would at least have to vote on it.