Buzz: Ryan McDonagh Leaves Barys For Now….Injured

10:57AM: Pat Leonard tweets that the injury to McDonagh is not believed to be serious

10:09AM: Bary’s Astana, the KHL team that Ryan McDonagh plays for released this statement saying that McDonagh is leaving the team for a little while to return to America because of family issues and to deal with an injury.

“Defender HC “Barys” Ryan McDonagh to recess in December League games went home to the U.S. for family reasons, and also because of the need to treat an injury.”

Andrey Osadche tweeted this first.

McDonagh played 19:03 against Malkin over the weekend.

Note: There is no concrete evidence suggesting that Malkin injured McDonagh. This is the picture that is being used in news stories though. There has been no further info about what McDonagh injured or the extent of it.