Stats: Game by Game Breakdown of Rick Nash’s Davos Stats

At Sportsnet, Luke Fox lists the top 30 players who are playing overseas and puts Rick Nash at 21 on the list.

Nash has 9 goals and 5 assists in 12 games for Davos.

His game by game breakdowns have been:

  • 11/3/12: 5 shots on goal (Davos 6-2 win)
  • 10/30/12: 2 shots on goal (Davos 5-1 win)
  • 10/27/12: 6 penalty minutes, -4, 6 shots on goal (Davos loss 5-4)
  • 10/26/12: 2 goals, +2, 7 shots (Davos 6-5 win)
  • 10/23/12: 2 assists, +1, 6 shots on goal (Davos 4-2 win)
  • 10/20/12: 1 goal, 1 assist, +1, 9 shots on goal (Davos 3-2 win)
  • 10/19/12: 1 assist, 3 shots on goal (Davos 4-1 win)
  • 10/13/12: 1 goal, 3 shots (Davos 4-2 loss)
  • 10/12/12: 1 goal, -1, 1 shot (Davos 6-3 loss)
  • 10/9/12: 1 goal, 1 assist, +2, 5 shots (Davos 3-2 win)
  • 9/28/12: 3 shots (game he was injured in) (Davos 4-2 loss)
  • 9/25/12: -1, 7 shots (Davos 3-2)
  • 9/23/12: 3 goals, +3, 7 shots (Davos 9-2 win)

Click HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE to see goals that Nash has scored in Davos.

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On the 42-yarder…

Bent, you make a good point that PH actually fought for an under-thrown ball. 

That, alone, on this team is a rave! And damned impressive!

Aside from one or two isolated attempts by Decker, I haven't seen any of these WRs fight for position or fight for the ball in the air or adjust to a slightly over- or under-thrown ball to make a catch. If it lays in their hands perfectly, fine. If not, it's "a bad throw." While Geno is no NFL QB, he's gotten NO help from his wide-outs. Even the usually hard-nosed Kerley has caught the disease.

A lot has been written about the joys of running good routes this year, but a large part of the WR toolkit is adjusting to any given ball & the ability to break off routes & find an open spot once your QB is flushed out of the pocket or is in trouble. Despite his obvious flaws, that was one thing Santonio Holmes was always good at -- probably something he learned growing up with Big Ben in Pittsburgh.


I've been critical of the way Marty's called this offense and used his available weapons all season, and that's only increased with Harvin's arrival.  Last week it seemed like the ball was being forced to Harvin again and again, at the expense of a better, more effective distribution of the ball.   Yesterday MM seemed equally determined to get CJ involved, as well as continue to force the issue with Harvin, and again at the exclusion of many other weapons, especially Amaro.   Even Decker was an after-thought at times, and most of his targets-catches came late, when the game was already lost.

I realize Marty might not have the most formidable assortment of weapons on O in the league, but with Decker, Harvin, Kerley, Ivory, CJ and Powell, and Amaro and Cumby, he surely has enough weapons and diversity to score more than 10 points.  One could argue these might be in the top-half of talented O's in the league.    

Vick doesn't seem to see his TE's, especially Amaro, but sometimes it's hard to tell where play-calling ends and where execution begins with this team.  


Does Vick just not like Amaro or what? The TE's need to be a part of this offense.

Bent moderator

@hazard2012 Vick did hit Amaro four times down the stretch last week.


This goes over so many fans heads that it's not funny. I know the o line causes a Hell of a lot of problems but Marty is one of the many. Rex has to be forcing his OCs to put these promising (yes) QBs in a small box. Sanchez was fried mentally, specially after the color code. Rex has never let his guys go free.


@hazard2012 As presently constituted I think our offense has enough pieces to contend with most teams. We just don't have a QB, short or long term. 


@Bytor @hazard2012

Agree the QB position needs improvement, but I also think MM's performance as an OC has been on about the same horrid level as the play of Smith, and has made a bad situation worse.   He simply hasn't used his talent --- strengths and weakness --- wisely on a consistent basis, and his red zone play calling had been especially baffling all season.   

So sure, we need a real franchise QB, but there's enough talent on this team to score more than 17 points per game without one if the O was better conceived and executed.   The former issue is entirely coaching, and so is putting your players in positions to succeed rather than fail.   The Jets, unfortunately, have a long tradition in the latter.