Read: John Tortorella’s Feelings On Players In Europe

Recently Rangers coach John Tortorella was asked, in the NY Post, about his feelings on his players going to play in Europe during the lockout.

Rick Nash, Ryan McDonagh, Michael Del Zotto and Carl Hagelin are all playing in Europe while others are rumored to be joining them.

Tortorella said that he worries about injuries but thinks that the guys who are playing may have an edge, “On one hand, I worry about the risk of injury — Rick already had the shoulder issue, which turned out to be minor — but on the other hand, I believe the guys who are playing games and competing will be sharper and better off when camp begins.”

Tortorella, in 2005, called the type of game being played in Europe “ice capades” and worried that he would have to “reteach” his players.

“My guys are going to be retaught. They’re going to be come at hard because I know the bad habits are going to be there.”

Also in 2005, Tortorella said that he was afraid his players would bring bad habits back with them and that there will be a lot of work to do when the team gets back together.