Recap: Michael Del Zotto On Hockey Central

Michael Del Zotto joined Darren Millard, Nick Kypreos and Doug MacLean on Sportsnet’s Hockey Central today.

Del Zotto, who joined the Lakers of Switzerland today made these comments:

  • Del Zotto says that the costumes that the gang are wearing are a little “aggressive” (Pictures below)
  • Del Zotto confirms that he is going to Europe and says “it kind of came about quickly. I asked my agency to see what was available. It was depressing to stay here and skate and work out by myself. I’m 22 and I still want to develop. It doesn’t look like anything is going to get done.”
  • On going to Europe, Del Zotto said that he talked to Tyler Seguin who said that he loved it and that all the players enjoy the life experience of being over there.
  • Del Zotto says that he isn’t pulling in “huge dollars” but is just trying to make the best of the situation
  • He says that he waited out the situation because he has no contract but it’s gotten to the point where he needs to play. He says that the players are waiting to negotiate but the owners aren’t a willing partner.
  • On not getting signed, DZ signed that it’s a business and you can’t hold grudges against anyone.
  • He said that he was looking forward to this year and keep improving and to build off last season and he set himself up to peak when training camp starts and he is now excited to play and keep developing. He calls this his “next step.”
  • Del Zotto said that he has spoken a lot with Jason Spezza, his new teammate, and he is looking forward to doing some damage over there.
  • Del Zotto went out on Halloween as a “sexy sailor” and then he and a friend went as characters from Semi-Pro.

MacLean and Kypreos “He is an important component for the Rangers moving forward. The Rangers made it abundantly clear that they weren’t moving Michael Del Zotto.”