Buzz: Michael Del Zotto Has Left The Lakers (Team Says He Has A Back Injury)

Del Zotto Lakers10:10AM: Larry Brooks says on twitter that Del Zotto is returning to NY because of “mild back stiffness.”

9:44AM: Szymon Szemberg says of Del Zotto “MDZ has not enjoyed a good time in Suisse.”

THIS SECTION has been following Del Zotto during his time in Switzerland.

8:28AM: The Lakers have released this statement about Del Zotto:

Lakers defenseman Michael Del Zotto is until further notice because of a back injury. Since Blessur be treated by his medical examiner in New York City has to crack the NHL on Wednesday flying back overseas.

After recovery versa Del Zotto – unless taken by then the NHL game mode is – back to Rapperswil-Jona.

The release says that Del Zotto is out until further notice because of a back injury and he is returning to NY to have it checked out.  They add that unless the NHL is playing again, Del Zotto will return to the Lakers.