Read: Henrik Lundqvist Would Be A HUGE Boost To Swedish Hockey

In Hockey Sverige, Uffe Bodin writes that that the only NHL player who would have a dramatic impact on attendance in SEL games would be Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist.

Bodin writes that Lundqvist would give a big boost to hockey in Gothenberg, where he played before coming to the Rangers, and that the life Lundqvist leads in New York has led to an aura and mystery about the Rangers goalie.

In addition to being the world’s best goalkeeper, he has what so many other talented players lack to become attractive on a plane beyond the pure hockey terms – charisma, looks, charm, and not least the brand. The glamorous life in New York with fashion shows, celebrity parties, restaurant openings … Yes, everything apart from that infantile shampoo commercials have created an aura of mystery around “Henke” that appeals to many Swedes.