Read: Henrik Lundqvist Is Pissed and Wants A Deal a recent interview with the AP Henrik Lundqvist once again expressed his feelings on the lockout by saying, “we just have to figure it out here with the owners and come to a solution. Everybody is suffering, from the fans, the players, people working with the game. It’s not necessary. The game is strong enough that we should be able to figure it out.”

He added that he feels for the fans and has many of the same emotions, “I have some anger, disappointment, some embarrassment, too. I understand that the fans are disappointed, and it’s hard to explain the whole situation. I don’t think a lot of people know all the details and how much we really sacrificed to try to come closer to the owners. It doesn’t really matter. They deserve the game out there to be played right now. I definitely feel a little embarrassment that we can’t figure it out sooner.”

 Lundqvist spoke out Friday and said that he wants the bigger market teams involved in the talks.