Read: Frolunda Needs A Goalie To Help Save Their Season

At Expressen, Mattias Ek writes that Frolunda is only in the playoffs right now by one point but that they haven’t gotten the goaltending support that they thought they were going to.

He writes that the team has not been consistent and missing the playoffs would be a disaster as the team has lost a lot of money.

In the case of saving their season, he writes that the team should look past Matt Duchene and Viktor Stalberg and instead save their money until Henrik Lundqvist is ready to join the team.

Lundqvist, Ek writes, would solve the goaltending issue and be a big draw for fans.

He also notes that Frolunda could once again look at trying to bring in Erik Karlsson who is playing in the Finnish league.

Lundqvist is only planning to join Frolunda if the entire NHL season is cancelled.