Buzz: Henrik Lundqvist Won’t Be Going To Frolunda…..For Now

1:56PM: Lundqvist sent out the following tweets:

  • For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to determine how to best stay ready for the NHL season.Both physically and mentally it’s a challenge
  • I have made the decision not to join Frolunda at this time. Still waiting to see what’s going to happen with the lockout.

8:27AM: Henrik Lundqvist and his hometown team in Gothenberg Sweden, the Frolunda Indians, have mutually agreed, for right now, to not pursue an arrangement where Lundqvist would play for Frolunda.

In a statement from Frolunda, Lundqvist said that if he is going to play anywhere during the lockout, it will be with Frolunda, but he wants to continue to and see what happens with the lockout.

Part of the statement from the Frolunda website, when translated reads, “-The news we have come to together and apply to the situation we have today. When and if the situation with the lockout will change if we can change this decision at fairly short notice, says Henrik Lundqvist.

-But no need to hesitate, if I’ll play somewhere else during this lockout, then it is in Frölunda, says Henrik.

-I’ll see how long I stay in Gothenburg this time, it all depends on how the lockout unfold. But I hope to be involved and do some work in Frölunda organization as long as I’m home in Gothenburg, on some youth trainings and Hockey School, says “Henke”.”

From HockeySverige, “”Henke” has been extremely professional in this and we have reasoned and forth. Now it feels good to come to this announcement. Nice also to know that if the lockout drags on, we know we have “Henke” said club director Anderz Larqvist.”

Lundqvist traveled back to Sweden last week.