Read: James Dolan Can’t Pose A Threat To Gary Bettman

At Sportsnet, Mark Spector breaks down some of the NHL owners and puts them into two groups, hawks and doves.

Spector spoke with someone who said that more than 20 teams are content to wait out the lockout and get the best deal they can.

The “hawks” are listed as Boston, Calgary, Anaheim, Carolina, Minnesota, LA, Columbus, Florida and Dallas.

In terms of Boston owner Jeremy Jacobs, who is the chairman of the Board of Governors, one person told Spector “He represents everything that’s wrong with the owners.”

The “doves” are listed as Toronto, Detroit, the Flyers, Senators and Rangers.

On James Dolan, Spector writes “In short, anything that Bettman wants, Dolan is said to wish for the opposite.” He cites the Rangers lawsuit against the league for control of their website as part of the reason he isn’t a fan of Bettman, but says that his feelings put him in the small minority and he can’t pose much of a threat to the commissioner.

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