BUZZ: James Dolan Wants To Get Involved John Shannon of Sportsnet is the latest to confirm that Dolan wants to get involved. He adds, “but shouldn’t every owner want to be involved”

5:59PM: Darren Dreger adds that the owners in Pittsburgh and Montreal will also want to get involved as will Carolina GM Jum Rutherford who is a part owner of the team.

4:42PM: Katie Strang tweets that she is hearing the same thing and that Dolan wants to get involved if that meeting between the players and owners happens.

3:48PM: According to Larry Brooks in the NY Post, Rangers owner James Dolan has indicated that he would like to become involved in CBA talks just as he was last year during the NBA lockout.

Dolan and Gary Bettman don’t get along and haven’t since the Rangers sued the league in 2007 and asked for Bettman to be fired.

Brooks writes that even with Dolan’s lack of involvement with league matter he still garners a lot of respect from the other owners.

He writes that it is not known if Bettman will allow Dolan to get involved with talks.

What is unequivocally known, however, is the CEO of Madison Square Garden believes he can be a constructive force toward settlement and wants into the discussions.

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