Read: Where Both Sides Are At Today

Both Bill Daly and Steve Fehr joined Sportsnet’s Hockey Central program today to talk about a whole host of topics.

Nick Cotsonika, Bruce Garrioch and Chris Botta were all sending out reports from what the Daly and Fehr were saying.


  • Bill Daly isn’t scared of the union decertifying and doesn’t think they have much of a chance in court.
  • Decertification would likely end any chance of a season happening
  • Daly isn’t sure that the people leading the players union want to have a season or that mediation would be a good idea.
  • Daly, according to Cotsonika, insinuates that the players want to make a deal and that not all of their wishes are being brought forward by the PA leadership.


  • Fehr says that he has his doubts about the NHL wanting to get a deal done and says that decertification is something they are looking at.
  • He says that they absolutely want to get a deal done
  • Fehr says that the players have moved “a couple of miles” and aren’t prepared to move any further right now. He says that the NHL has moved a couple of inches
  • Daly says that the term “make whole” isn’t correct and they will start calling it transition payments.

Cotsonika tweets “In the end, again, they are close enough to make a deal and there is no excuse if there is no season. I think/hope they will make a deal.”