Read: Time For The Players To Go All-In

At Sportsnet, Nick Kypreos writes about the next step that the players can take in the CBA talks.

He says that Don Fehr needs to have a Plan B or history will just repeat itself for the players once again, ” So for the sake of his 750 hockey players, please tell me he didn’t come all this way without a plan B. Please tell me the players didn’t fire Paul Kelly and hire Fehr just so they can still hand over to the owners $1 billion in cash, concede every conceivable contract right, and then watch their chosen leader fade off into the sunset. If this is the case, they certainly could have saved a ton of money and just kept Ted Saskin.”

On decertification, Kypreos says that doing that would be the nuclear option and be a stark difference from how Bob Goodenow managed the 2004-05 lockout. The union would be dissolved and long with it would the salary cap, linkage to HRR, escrow, salary arbitration and a rookie salary cap. He notes that it could also lead to some owners saying that contracts could be voided and lead to players signing with teams for the highest amount, or as Kypreos notes the Penguins maybe losing Sidney Crosby to a team like the Rangers.

Kypreos says that decertifying could be Fehr’s last ditch effort and hope that the courts end the lockout.