Read: The Players Should Decertify vs the Players Shouldn’t Decertify

At Sportsnet, Michael Grange spoke with prominent NBA agent Bill Duffy who said that he has no doubt that the NHLPA should decertify.

He said that they should have done it three months ago and that it’s the only way the players can get some power back  “It’s the only recourse the players have; otherwise the owners have an unfair advantage. The players should do it.”

Damien Cox sent out two tweets about decertification, saying:

  • If I was a player, I’d sure want to know how long decert process would take, and how much salary I’d lose while that is ongoing.
  •  If players want to sacrifice their massive gains from past 20 yrs by decertifying, then they must surely believe in their cause.

At the CBC, Dan Oldfield, the lead negotiator for the Canadian Media Guild says that decertifying would be a bad idea for them.

Oldfield says that “it’s not as easy as it sounds, and it’s not going to help the players settle their problems with the NHL.”

He says that if the players go through with this then we are talking about a process that will takes “years” and not “months” to go through the courts and get resolved.

Oldfield says that the solution is simple, “by far the best solution is the one that sits in front of the parties now. All the components of a new deal are on the table. Put the right people in the room. Stop swapping proposals, and talk about needs rather than wants.”

Elliotte Friedman has much more on decertification at CBC