Read: The NHL’s Strange Donald Fehr Move

NHL_NHLPA_Fehr_BettmanIn the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes of the NHL’s move on Friday to attempt to keep Donald Fehr representing the players and in the boardroom.

Brooks writes, “Stop and think for a moment. Here is the league that just over a week ago was doing everything in its power to keep Don Fehr out of the bargaining process, and is now going to court to ensure he continues to represent the players in the bargaining process.”

He adds, “for weeks now, the NHL has sent its messengers to deliver the message the NHLPA is not truly united behind Fehr and union leadership; that the players, left to their own decision-making process, would rush to accept whatever the league at the time had on the table.”

The players were told during their meetings with the owners in NY that bringing Donald Fehr back into the process would be a deal breaker.

If the players win their disclaimer of interest they can file an anti-trust lawsuit against the league.