Read: The Differences On The CBA Term/Digging In/Variance (Updates)

NHL Puck7:15PM: Dandenault adds “I still believe their will be season…just very tough negociation…”

6:50PM: Mathieu Dandenault sent out a tweet saying “The nhl and nhlpa talks r dead for now…look for the players to disclaim.”

Larry Brooks tweets “Belief within PA that Bettman/Batterman pulled bait and switch after initial disclaimer deadline passed.”

5:59PM:Elliotte Friedman and Pierre LeBrun both says that the NHL and NHLPA are willing to sign ten-year CBA agreements but the players want an opt-out after seven years and the owners want an opt-out after eight years.

Friedman adds that the NHL want the CBA to expire on June 30th but the NHLPA wants to keep the date at September 15th.

Friedman says that main reason for that is so “the NHL’s owners won’t be able to spend $199 million right before the CBA ends.”

Darren Dreger says that some members of the NHLPA are worried that the NHL is digging in and not willing to budge anymore not that the disclaimer of interest deadline has passed.

Eric Macramalla tweets “I warned here yesterday that once disclaimer deadline passed NHL might revert back to less favourable terms – may be happening. So second disclaimer vote may be necessary”

Friedman adds “On variance, NHL has proposed 60 per cent limit. Therefore, lowest salary of any multi-year deal must be within that amount of the highest.”

LeBrun says that the big issues continue to be pensions, length of player contracts and the salary cap for the second season of the CBA.