Read: How The Rangers Could Win If The NHLPA Decertifies ESPN Insider, Craig Custance looks at who could be winners and who could be losers if the NHLPA files for decertification.

He notes that big market teams could be big winners since nothing would stop them from spending and hoarding the best players.

Players like Sidney Crosby and Steven Stamkos, among others, could sue to become free agents and it’s possible that based on court rulings, everyone could become a free agent.

Restricted free agents would no longer exist as they are determined RFA’s because of the CBA so Michael Del Zotto, Jamie Benn, PK Subban and more would be free to sign with any team that they wanted.

There would also be no draft and all of those players would be free to sign anywhere.

On decertification, Scott Burnside writes that only one word can describe what is likely to happen with the NHL “kaboom.”

He adds “Maybe the mere threat of such a potentially devastating move sparks the types of resolutions we saw in the NBA and the NFL. But if this lockout has taught us anything it’s that the obvious path, the right path, has been one that has been studiously avoided by both sides.”