Buzz: Why Gary Bettman Asked For The Two-Week Break

5:32PM: Bill Daly told the NY Post that it was just an idea that Bettman threw out and that with nothing new to bring to the table from their end, he said I’m not sure what we will be meeting about.”


Cotsonika adds “Whether Fehr really said that in a conf. call really isn’t the point. There is a lack of trust and communication poisoning the process.”

Adam Rotter: Back before the lockout even started I posted something about how baseball found labor peace, when Don Fehr was the head of the PA, when the owners started to respect the players. “That respect was earned through [their] solidarity. Collective bargaining changes when each side respects the power of the other.”

The owners still think that they are going to be able to break the players and get a deal that gives them more benefits and that isn’t going to happen. The sooner the owners realize this the sooner hockey will be played.