Buzz: Warm and Fuzzy Feelings Have Turned Tense

9:17PM: Johnston says that the owners and Bill Daly have returned to the meeting room.

9:03PM: The owners have left the room, according to Chris Johnston, and have returned to their internal meeting room.

8:49PM: The owners and players are meeting again following the dinner break.

8:33PM: Katie Strang says that contract issues, term limit, are the big topic and that the proposals made today were about that.

7:41PM: Kevin McGran of the Toronto Star tweets “Dreger makes a good point on TSN – if the players lose the moderates, what then? (moderates being Burkle, Tanenbaum, Chipman)”

7:21PM: Renaud Lavoie says “Big meeting tonight. The goal is to make sure the moderates owners won’t be frustrated by the process.”

7:13PM: According to Pierre LeBrun, the “warm and fuzzy” feelings from last night and this morning are “gone” Those feelings have turned tense and tonight is a “pivotal session” that could determine whether or not there is a hockey season.