Buzz: This Offer Isn’t Close To Getting A Deal Done

7:51PM: James Mirtle tweets that the consensus from players on the call is that the owners movement wasn’t that much but this was enough to at least restart talks.

12:16PM: Chris Botta tweets “NHL offer today is the set-up for league’s rejection of PA’s counterpropsal in a few days. We’re still two weeks from closure.”

12:09PM: LeBrun says that even though the NHLPA will want to change some things in the proposal the feeling is that this is an important step towards getting a deal done.NHL-NHLPA

11:58AM: Pierre LeBrun says that the salary cap of $60 million in year two, year one would have a transition cap, is still concerning to players because of escrow.

LeBrun adds that his feeling is that there is still some more back and forth that needs to happen before this gets sorted out.

Bruce Garrioch tweets “Players have to decide how much more they want to try to squeeze out. Any kind of season is on the clock now.”

11:54AM: According to Nick Kypreos, the NHLPA is already working on a counteroffer to the proposal that the NHL made to the players last night.

He says that the proposal the NHL made is not close to getting a deal done but it is a good sign that the owners have shown they don’t want to cancel the season.

Bruce Garrioch tweets that one again the NHL isn’t expected to be very flexible when it comes to negotiating the terms of the proposal.