Buzz: The Players Took A Step Towards The Owners (Updates)

11:23AM: Anderson quotes Crosby as saying “We wanted progress, but it takes both sides. They’re going to have to move a little bit, too. It just shows we all want to play.” Crosby also said that the NHLPA is offering much less than they think they deserve on the make whole.

11:08AM: Sidney Crosby told Shelly Anderson that the NHLPA offer is a “hybrid” and shows some movement toward the league.

He adds “We’re making a move in their direction, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t consider it. It’s a little closer to their proposal. It’s definitely something they’ll have to consider, or they should at least.”

10:51AM: Chris Botta tweets “Weekly NHL warning: don’t assume anything about leaked, incomplete details of proposals. Wait for complete details and reaction.”

Nick Cotsonika tweets “NHL might not like everything in PA offer. But if PA is on NHL framework, NHL can’t walk out, say not speaking same language. Time to talk.”

10:36AM: Former Ranger Aaron Ward sent out a tweet saying that indications are that the NHLPA has made a significant move in the direction of the others.

Bob McKenzie tweets:

  • “We’re hearing today’s NHLPA proposal to NHL will include increasing the NHL’s $211M Make Whole provision by another $180M.”
  • “We’re also hearing the NHLPA proposal will work off a percentage of HRR — as requested by NHL — and not a guaranteed dollar amount.”
  • “But what those percentages are, and whether the $180M increase in Make Whole acts as a guarantee of sorts, remains to be seen.”

Darren Dreger tweets “PA moves off its position on guaranteed players share dollars + shifts more to the owners demand of a percentage base in the revenue split.”

Dreger adds “Players move off guaranteed dollars is a big move in the owners direction. Interested to hear NHL response to PA’s ask for more Make Whole $”