BUZZ: The NHL Made A New Offer To The NHLPA

9:40AM: According to reports from Darren Dreger and Pierre LeBrun the NHL made an offer to the NHLPA yesterday that saw the NHL move towards the NHLPA in the following areas:

  • Contract term limits from FIVE years to SIX years
  • Salary variance from year to year UPPED to 10% from 5%
  • Make Whole money stays at $300 Million
  • One compliance buyout prior to the 2013-14 season that doesn’t count against the salary cap but does count against the players share.
  • With $300M make-whole on table, NHL must be asking for 10-year CBA with an opt out after 8
  • 10:04AM: The NHL is still asking for a salary cap of $60 million which could present an escrow issue.
  • 10:51AM: LeBrun says that the NHL is still hoping to move the start of free agency from July 1 to July 10

Updates are below:

10:10AM: Bruce Garrioch and Nick Cotsonika both have the same question:

  • Big question: In what spirit was this offer made? Let’s talk? Take it or leave it? We ‘need’ A, B, C to ‘give’ X, Y, Z?
  • Is this a deal the players can negotiate or is it another take it or leave it? That’s the question.

10:02AM: Michael Russo of the Star Tribune says that the NHL is still offering a 10-year CBA and that their proposal is very detailed and essentially a fully rendered CBA.

9:56AM: Darren Dreger says “Hard to imagine the NHL’s latest proposal doesn’t result in potentially season-saving meetings. Players wanted flexibility and they got it.”

9:51AM: LeBrun says that there are still no plans for the two sides to meet as the NHLPA needs time to review the NHL proposal.

Elliotte Friedman writes “Of course, important to see entire proposal and gauge player reaction”

9:37AM: Elliotte Friedman sent out tweets saying:

  • New NHL proposal adds one buyout per team…does not count against cap, but does count against HRR. Potentially significant move here.
  • Even “pro-owner” types across the league saw need to make this concession, no other way to make it work.
  • It is also something the high-revenue teams will like, especially since they are getting very little out of this CBA.

Nick Cotsonika says, “NHL has moved in PA’s direction, based on details suddenly widely available (hmm). Let’s see how PA responds and if NHL still flexible.”

9:32AM: LeBrun says that the new offer allows teams to have one compliance buyout prior to the 2013-14 season. It doesn’t count against the cap but it does count against the players share.

He adds that the make whole money stays at $300 million.

9:30AM: Darren Dreger tweets that the NHL has moved from five to six years and that the variance has been “boosted” from 5% to 10%

9:27AM: LeBrun updates to say that the NHL proposal allows teams to re-sign players for six years and seven if it is your own player.

9:25AM: Bob McKenzie notes that Eklund was the first to have this story over night and that according to his blog the NHL has moved from:

  • 5 year contract limits to six year contract limits
  • Make Whole staying at $300 million
  • Salary variance from 5% to 10%

Nick Cotsonika tweets “Betting NHL is not happy offer was leaked by a player. Daly would not confirm, and NHL has wanted to keep thing quiet.”

9:16AM:According to Pierre LeBrun, the NHL made an offer to the NHLPA yesterday that saw them move on contract term limits, salary variance and buyouts.

LeBrun says that Bill Daly would not confirm that the NHL made the offer.